Crowns & Bridge


Sometimes when a tooth is broken down, a patient will need a crown or bridge to cover the tooth. We offer Gold crowns, all porcelain crowns, or porcelain fused to gold. Crowns are a great option to restore teeth, especially when the tooth has a large cavity.

After a large cavity is formed in a tooth, the tooth will become too brittle to hold a filling.  At this point it is best to cover the entire tooth with a crown to prevent further chipping and breaking of the enamel. With our modern dental materials, we can create beautiful white crowns that will match the other teeth.

Bridges are a great way of replacing missing teeth.  After a tooth has been extracted, a bridge can be placed on the adjacent teeth, with a replacement crown inbetween.  This provides strength and durability because the entire bridge is fused together with the replacement tooth in the middle.  The replacement tooth rests on the gumline to produce a naturally looking crown that is easy to clean.

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