Oral Surgery


We offer all types of oral surgery services, including simple extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, bone grafting, periodontal surgery, and biopsy. A simple extraction occurs when a tooth needs to be extracted and is removed with a dental forcep only.

In comparison, a surgical extraction occurs when a tooth needs to be extracted and requires the gums to be cut away or the tooth is sectioned.  Some teeth require sectioning to remove from the bone.  This most often occurs when wisdom teeth are impacted in the bone and do not come out easily.  Sectioning the tooth into pieces allows the tooth to be removed more easily, decreasing post operative pain and swelling.

Please consult with your dentist about which teeth will be removed by simple extraction and which teeth may need surgical extraction.  The most common way to diagnose surgical extractions is with a panoramic x ray.

Many times teenage patients will need to have their 3rd molars, wisdom teeth, removed.  This is a common procedure because 3rd molars usually do not have enough room to erupt into the mouth.  Wisdom teeth can cause shifting of teeth, pain, swelling, and crowding if not removed.  At Sedation Dental Center, our oral surgeon can safely and quickly removed wisdom teeth while the patient is asleep.  The recovery time is much shorter when wisdom teeth are removed when the patient is still a young adult.  This is because the healing time is quicker and less bone is removed when the patient is young.   If your child is considering orthodontics, it is wise to have the wisdom teeth removed prior to orthodontics.  This is important because after the braces are removed, the teeth can shift again if the wisdom teeth are pushing on the teeth.   Call us today to ask about our oral surgery procedures.

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