Pediatric Dentistry


Sedation Dental Center is uniquely qualified to treat children and special needs patients. Our doctors can complete pediatric dentistry treatment for your child in one appointment with sedation. Services include silver or white  fillings, white crowns, extractions, and space maintainers.  The importance of diagnosing and treating dental decay in children is well established.

If children have teeth which are decayed, pediatric dentistry can treat with small fillings to stop any further decay.  If the child goes without treatment, the decay can infect the teeth causing a dental abcess.

When a dental abcess occurs, the baby tooth will need to be extracted.  This may lead to crowding and tooth misalignment issues in the future.  When a baby tooth is extracted early, teeth erupting behind the extracted tooth can drift into its place and prevent adult teeth from erupting in their natural position. Future Orthodontic treatment may be necessary to create space for the adult teeth to erupt in their correct position.

At Sedation Dental Center we believe early detection and treatment of decay can prevent extraction of baby teeth and space maintenance issues in the future.

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